Velux Blinds


Velux® are the UK’s best selling roof window for loft conversions and their range of blinds can be easily installed in minutes.

Available in a choice of either Roller Blinds, Blackout Roller Blinds, Pleated or Venetian.

Our free brochure lets you select the blind type, size and fabric with prices included. Installation is available locally (subject to restrictions) from only £25 per blind inc VAT.

We now offer a Velux remote control solar Blackout blind. This is perfect for those out of reach situations. It is a battery operated remote control blackout blind. However, the batteries are recharged by solar power so you don’t have to keep changing them. It comes with a fully charged battery, which is good for up to 600 operations (about a year’s worth) even if there is no sun for recharging.

Prices and installation costs are available upon request.

Technical Features…

Remote control option
Any blind type
Blackouts available
Fitting service available
DIY orders are by telephone only and require payment by major credit/debit card. Delivery is direct from Velux® and normally takes 1-2 weeks.

ABS Blinds - Velux Blinds
ABS Blinds - Velux Blinds
ABS Blinds - Velux Blinds
ABS Blinds - Velux Blinds