Transform your room with Plantation Shutters. Elegant in design, Shutters offer so much more in terms of privacy, ventilation and light control.

At ABS Blinds we are committed to following stringent quality control procedures to ensure that our products are continuously made to the highest standards. Our expert free measuring and installation service guarantees a perfect fit every time.

Shutters are ideal for unusual shaped windows. So whether your window has an arch shape or is even circular, we can make the perfect shutter to fit it.



Although a hardwood it is also very light allowing design for quite wide openings without having to resort to top tracking. This also enables us to confidently use Montana for large (tier on tier) installations where weight would definitely preclude the use of Seattle or similar weight hardwood shutter panels.


Crafted from solid basswood, Boston is a very competitively priced hardwood and popular material for shutters. All shutter stiles have mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability. Initially available in limited shutter styles and three white shades with the introduction of limited stain colour options over time.


The Georgia Shutter, technically at the pinnacle of shutter design. Engineered frames and ABS louvres finished in an etched PP coating then sprayed in a choice of 28 different colours including a selection of Farrow and Ball Colours. The Georgia is simply a stunning shutter at a surprisingly low price.


Bathroom shutter ideal for harsh environments such as wet rooms, or showers, anywhere really that needs a tough but good looking window treatment that will last. The new closed-cell composite shutter technology ensures superior strength, stiffness and wont warp, dent or chip.


Seattle MDF shutters are polymer coated to produce a tough and durable shutter option that is ideal in high traffic areas around the home. Very strong with a wipe clean surface. Available in five shades of white. This shutter is the most affordable of all the ranges.


Full Height

For a simple yet beautiful effect opt for a full height Shutter, which covers the entire height of the window. A mid rail can be added on certain windows allowing the top and bottom to be opened and closed.

Tier On Tier

Using two sets of Shutters in one frame at your window – one to cover the bottom half, and the other to cover the top half , this allows even greater control over light and privacy. Each set opens independently of the other, therefore you could keep the bottom set closed for privacy while opening the top set wide open.

Café Style

This option can give you a continental feel to your home. They are fitted to the bottom half of the window only, allowing the light to come in through the top half, giving you privacy at the same time.


This system works well on very large windows and doors. They can also create a stunning look as room dividers.

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ABS Blinds Tenterden - Shutters
ABS Blinds Tenterden - Shutters
ABS Blinds Tenterden - Shutters
ABS Blinds Tenterden - Shutters