Conservatory Blinds


ABS BLINDS pride themselves as Conservatory Sunblind Specialists. Our blinds are all made to measure and are therefore suitable for Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and monopitch lean-to styles.

We are confident that you will not be able to buy higher quality pleated blinds or benefit from better customer service anywhere else in the market.

We use only top quality Pleated Blinds and provide a superior service second to none. Our pleated blind system was developed by a German company, and has long been established as one of the most successful 20mm pleated blind systems in the world. Warm in winter and yet cool in summer, our high quality pleated blinds are the perfect solution for conservatories. By controlling intense heat and glare, increasing your privacy and enhancing your surroundings, our conservatory blinds are as functional as they are beautiful. Choosing the correct option for your conservatory will add instant comfort and character to your property.

All our pleated blinds are designed for both roof and windows.


Our pleated roof blinds can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be fitted into all shaped roof windows including those with obtuse angles, triangles and windows with roof vents. We have particular experience in supplying shaped roof blinds so that they provide a tight fit at the apex of a conservatory, eliminating unsightly gaps.


All of our roof blinds feature a ‘pleat-equalising system’. This system effectively creates a ‘memory’ in each blind so that they repeatedly return to their original position, thereby maintaining their first-fitted look.


All of our window blinds are tailor made to suit your Conservatory. They are available as either free hanging or tensioned blinds. Made on a 20mm headrail, these blinds fold up neat and compact when not needed, allowing maximum light.


You can choose from over 200 fabrics including transparent, translucent and blackout fabrics. We have a wide range of Solar Protective Fabrics, which allow sunlight to filter through and yet reflect the heat back out of your Conservatory. All of our fabrics are Light fast, permanently pleated and fully washable to 30oC.


Our rails are made from extruded aluminium which means that they are very strong and will not rust. They come in white, and brown.


All Pleated blinds are guaranteed for 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship.

ABS Blinds Tenterden - Pleated Conservatory Blinds
ABS Blinds Tenterden - Pleated Conservatory Blinds
ABS Blinds - Conservatory Blinds